What is AhaApple ?

AhaApple is an AI-powered platform that helps users generate creative ideas effortlessly. It combines advanced AI technology, brainstorming techniques, and innovative practices to empower users to explore their creativity. AhaApple recognizes the significance of innovative thinking across various domains, from business to art, offering a transformative experience

Features :

1 . 🎙️ Live UX Sessions: Conduct live interviews from right within AhaApple by inviting your participants to join your sessions directly with unique participant-specific URLs.

2 . 🎤 Upload Audio and Video Interviews: Collect interviews conducted on other devices or platforms as recordings in AhaApple.

3 . 📝 Automatically Transcribe Audio and Video Files: Streamline research sessions with built-in transcriptions and speech recognition.

4 . 📊 Data Preparation: Prepare your raw data for analysis with the built-in spreadsheet editor.

5 . 🏷️ Flexible Taxonomy: Create project-specific or standardized taxonomy across projects with bulk tag and tag groups creation.

6 . 📂 Segment Tags: Easily separate your research data into different categories to view information specific to each one by applying segment tags to your data.

7 . 🏷️ Edit Tags in Bulk: Highlight and tag your observations to easily hone in on critical information.

8 . 🌍 Global Tags: Standardize tag taxonomy and tags usage across projects with global tags.

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