What is Autopod ?

AutoPod is an AI-powered tool that automates the editing process for video podcasts and shows in Adobe Premiere Pro. It saves time by automating multi-camera editing, social clip creation, and jump-cut editing, offering a user-friendly experience for both Mac and Windows users. The tool is customizable, supports multiple languages and camera configurations, and provides a library of pre-defined features for efficient editing.

Features :

🎥 Automatic editing for video podcasts and shows

📹 Multi-Camera Editor for seamless editing of multi-camera sequences

📱 Social Clip Creator for creating clips for different resolutions and platforms

🔪 Jump Cut Editor for precise and seamless cuts in footage

💻 User-friendly interface for Adobe Premiere Pro

🌐 Supports multiple languages and camera configurations

📈 Saves hours of production time and automates editing processes

💡 Customizable editing methods, including multi-camera and standard cutting

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