Beautiful Ai

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What is Beautiful Ai ? is an AI-powered presentation software that automates presentation design, generates fully realized presentations, and provides smart slide templates. It supports over 205 countries and 36,000 companies, including trusted brands like CVENT and Rakuten. With DesignerBot, a generative AI designed to automate presentation creation and custom image generation, provides a truly automated zero-to-finish experience

Features :

🤖 AI-powered platform for building clean, modern, and professionally designed slides.

📝 Generates fully realized presentations with appropriate text, layouts, and photos.

🎨 DesignerBot creates rich presentations with text, lists, icons, and charts automatically.

🖼️ DesignerBot provides a zero-to-finish experience, including AI-generated images to complement slides.

🚀 Utilizes cutting-edge AI technology from OpenAI for automated presentation creation.

📊 Smart Slide templates for seamless editing and handling the heavy lifting of design.

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