Browse AI

What is Browse AI ? is an AI-powered web automation software that lets you scrape and monitor data from any website without coding. You can create a robot that will extract data from any website simply by pointing and clicking. You can also choose from prebuilt robots for popular use cases and run them on a schedule. integrates with thousands of other tools and CRMs and notifies you when the data changes.

Features :

🚀 The tool lets you create a robot that extracts the data you want in minutes by pointing and clicking.

🔎 The tool understands your business needs and generates a robot that suits your industry and use case.

🧩 The tool offers a rich and intuitive drag and drop functionality that enables you to customize your robot and data extraction.

💬 The tool connects you with other tools and CRMs through integrations and notifies you when the data changes.

🌐 The tool supports multiple languages and domains, allowing you to scrape and monitor data from any location.

🤖 The tool uses advanced AI models and algorithms to optimize your data extraction and handle captchas, logins, and layout changes.

🎨 The tool allows you to add dynamic and interactive features to your data, such as charts, maps, and filters.

🛡️ The tool ensures your data security and privacy with SSL encryption, GDPR compliance, and backup options.

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