Data Camp

DataCamp Workspace AI is an AI assistant that enhances the DataCamp data science Workspace. It includes features like the “Fix Error” button, which corrects and explains code errors, and the “Generate Code” feature, allowing users to create code from natural language queries. The AI assistant aims to make data science more accessible and productive, offering seamless integration into modern data tooling stack

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Auto regix


AutoRegex is an AI-powered code assistant and developer tool that simplifies the creation of Regular Expressions. It offers English-to-RegEx translation, automated Regex generation, and a user-friendly interface. AutoRegex is suitable for developers, data analysts, and non-technical users, and provides flexible plans to suit different user needs

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Mars Ai

Mars Ai

Mars Ai is a revolutionary development platform that lets you build web and mobile applications faster and better by reusing thousands of microapps from previous projects. You can use natural language to generate code, test, and deploy your applications without the limitations of traditional software development. You can also access custom code when you need it and integrate with various APIs and services. Mars is the ultimate dev tool that combines AI, No-Code, Code, and Micro Apps to empower you to create anything you want.

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safurai ai tool


Safurai is an AI code assistant that boosts your productivity and code quality. It helps you solve bugs, refactor code, generate new code, create documentation, and more. You can use natural language to communicate with Safurai and get solutions and suggestions for any coding challenge. Safurai supports all programming languages and integrates with your favorite IDEs. is the ultimate coding companion that you need to build amazing software.

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Stunning Ai


Stunning is a platform that lets you design and publish websites using a simple drag-and-drop interface. You don’t need any coding or design skills, just enter your business name and category and let the AI do the rest. You can customize your website with chatbots, forms, and social media integrations. also optimizes your website for speed, performance, and SEO.

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Replit Ai

Replit is a coding tool that uses artificial intelligence to help you write better code, faster. With Replit’s AI-powered pair programmer, you can collaborate with your team in real-time, get inline code completion suggestions, and deploy your projects with just a few clicks. Replit also offers step-by-step tutorials, creative coding, and integration with thousands of other applications. 

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Codeium is a free AI-powered toolkit for developers who want to code faster and smarter. It provides autocomplete, search, and chat features that help you find and use code snippets from over 70+ languages. You can integrate it with your favorite IDEs and enjoy state-of-the-art suggestion quality and speed. is the modern coding superpower that you need to build and ship your products faster.

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durabe coding assistant


What is Durable ? Durable is an AI-powered coding tool that helps you create professional-looking websites in as little as 30 seconds. You don’t need any coding or design skills, just enter your business name and category and let Durable do the rest. You can customize your website with drag and drop functionality, chatbots, forms,

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Browse AI

Browse AI

What is Browse AI ? is an AI-powered web automation software that lets you scrape and monitor data from any website without coding. You can create a robot that will extract data from any website simply by pointing and clicking. You can also choose from prebuilt robots for popular use cases and run them

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