Auto regix


AutoRegex is an AI-powered code assistant and developer tool that simplifies the creation of Regular Expressions. It offers English-to-RegEx translation, automated Regex generation, and a user-friendly interface. AutoRegex is suitable for developers, data analysts, and non-technical users, and provides flexible plans to suit different user needs

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vanna Ai


What is Vanna ? is an AI tool that helps you write SQL queries for your Snowflake database using natural language. You can train it on your data and ask questions in plain English . It generates accurate and relevant SQL for you. Features : 🗣️ Natural Language Interface: Ask data questions in plain

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Energetic Ai

Energetic AI

EnergeticAI is an AI tool that helps you build AI-powered apps for Node.js without writing any code. You can use pre-trained models from TensorFlow.js or create your own models with EnergeticAI. EnergeticAI also optimizes your apps for serverless environments, making them faster and smaller.

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Flatlogic is an AI tool that lets you create stunning web applications in minutes. You can choose from various templates, frameworks, and features, or generate your own app from a simple description. Flatlogic gives you full code ownership, customization, and scalability, so you can build your dream app with ease.

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Passarel is an AI tool that helps you onboard new hires with the power of AI. You can link your company’s documentation from various sources and generate a custom language model that can chat with your new hires as an onboarding buddy. Passarel simplifies teammate onboarding with AI and makes it more engaging and interactive.

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Webwave Ai

WebWave AI

WebWave AI an AI tool that helps you create stunning websites in minutes. You can describe your vision, choose a template, or upload a UI design, and the tool will generate a website that matches your needs. You can also customize every aspect of your website with drag and drop, and enjoy features like AI writer, SEO optimization, online store.

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LLMStack is an AI tool that helps you make your own AI apps and chatbots without writing any code. You can use different AI models from popular sources and connect them together. You can also link your data and business processes to your AI apps and chatbots. makes it easy and fun to create AI solutions for your needs.

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Bugasura is an AI tool that helps you find and fix bugs in your website or app. You can take screenshots, add notes, and generate issue details automatically with AI. You can also share your bug reports with your team and use integrations with other tools. makes bug tracking faster and easier.

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codeconvert ai

Code Convert AI

What is Code Convert AI ? Codeconvert ai is an AI tool that helps you convert code from one programming language to another with a click of a button. Codeconvet saves you time and effort on code translation and development. You can choose from over 25 languages and get high-quality code with documentation and tests.

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Omniinfer is an AI tool that helps you create amazing images from text or UI. You can access over 10,000 models and generate images in just 2 seconds. You can also customize your images with drag and drop and get full code ownership. Omniinfer is a fast and affordable way to unleash your creativity.

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