Data Camp

DataCamp Workspace AI is an AI assistant that enhances the DataCamp data science Workspace. It includes features like the “Fix Error” button, which corrects and explains code errors, and the “Generate Code” feature, allowing users to create code from natural language queries. The AI assistant aims to make data science more accessible and productive, offering seamless integration into modern data tooling stack

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Caktus Ai

Caktus Ai is an AI-powered platform designed for students and professionals. It offers a range of features, including an AI essay writer, code generation tools, and a math question solver. The platform supports over 10 languages and provides personalized feedback and tutorials. is a valuable resource for academic writing, content creation, and coding.

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Cramly Ai

Cramly Ai is a powerful writing tool that helps students and writers write content faster. It can solve assignments, generate academic essays, write blog posts, and various types of content. The tool generates plagiarism-free content using advanced artificial intelligence algorithms. It is an ideal tool for students and professionals seeking writing services.

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Humata Ai

Humata AI is an AI-powered tool that allows users to upload any document and ask questions about it in natural language. The AI technology can learn, summarize, synthesize, and extract valuable data from the files 100X faster. is like ChatGPT for your files, meaning it can have a conversational interaction with users about their data.

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tutor ai

TutorAI is an innovative AI-powered learning platform that helps users learn more efficiently and effectively. With, users can enter any topic and get various learning options to choose from. The platform uses adaptive learning technology to tailor content based on individual learning styles and paces.

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PaperBrain is an innovative AI-powered research tool designed to simplify academic research papers. Its user-friendly interface, GPT-assisted platform, and ability to break down complex content make it a valuable resource for students, researchers, and educators alike. With PaperBrain, you can explore and understand research papers with ease

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Onvy health is an AI tool that helps you optimize your health and performance with personalized AI coaching. It connects to your health tracking devices and apps, analyzes your data, and provides insights, recommendations, and feedback based on your unique needs.

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Mindsera is an AI tool that helps you improve your thinking skills, mental health, and self-awareness with personalized AI coaching. It uses your journal entries to generate insights, feedback, and recommendations based on your goals, emotions, and cognitive biases. It also creates original artworks from your writing and applies mental models and frameworks to your problems. is the world’s first AI-powered journal and thinking gym.

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Veezoo is an AI tool that lets you access and analyze your data by simply asking questions in plain English. It uses natural language processing and machine learning to understand your queries and generate insights, dashboards, and reports.

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