ChatGPT For Excel

ChatGPT For Excel

What is ChatGPT For Excel ?

ChatGPT For Excel is an app that lets you use the power of AI to work with Excel and Google Sheets. You can type your formula or task in plain text and let the AI convert it to a formula, or explain it to you. You can also get VBA code from text, and use the AI assistant in your spreadsheets. 

Features :

1 . 🗣️ AI chatbot that gives direct answers to your Excel questions

2 . 🧠 Trained on all the official Excel documentation

3 . 📚 Covers how to use, develop, and participate in Excel

4 . 📝 Writes formulas and VBA code from text

5 . 🔎 Searches and links to relevant Excel resources

6 . 🌐 Supports multiple languages for queries and answers

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