What is Checksub ?

Checksub is an AI-powered platform that simplifies video subtitling, dubbing, and distribution. It offers automatic subtitling, translation into 200 languages, and AI-generated dubbing for speakers. The platform provides customization options for stylish subtitles and seamless video distribution, making it easier to reach a global audience.

Features :

🎥 Generates subtitles and dubs videos in multiple languages.

🌍 Spreads videos to a global audience with multilingual support.

🚀 Quick and accurate video dubbing and translation as a Chrome extension.

🎬 Supports over 30 languages for video dubbing and translation.

📝 AI-powered subtitle generation for videos.

🎤 Accurate and efficient video dubbing using AI technology.

📺 Enables easy access to subtitles and dubs for a wide audience.

💬 Provides accurate and quick video translation in any language.

📼 Simplifies the process of adding subtitles and dubs to videos.

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