What is ChefGPT ?

ChefGPT is an AI tool that makes cooking fun. You give it a few words about what you want to cook, and it gives you a brand new recipe. It’s like having a smart chef in your computer, ready to help you explore new flavors and dishes. 

Features :

🧑‍🍳 Personal Chef: Acts like your personal chef, ready to whip up recipes.

🌐 Global Cuisine: Explores dishes from around the world.

🥕 Ingredient Magic: Uses any ingredient you have on hand.

🍽️ Meal Planner: Helps plan meals for the week.

🍲 Dietary Needs: Adapts to dietary restrictions and preferences.

🎂 Baking Buddy: Assists in baking everything from bread to pastries.

🍔 Fusion Food: Creates fusion recipes for a unique dining experience.

🍳 Cooking Techniques: Guides you through various cooking techniques.

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