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What is Descript ?

Descript is an all-in-one video and podcast editing tool that streamlines the editing process by transcribing audio and video files into text documents. With Descript, you can collaborate with team members, edit out filler words and silence gaps with a single click, and take advantage of AI-driven features to create professional-level content.

Features :

🎤 Transcribe audio and automatically generate editable text from spoken words.

🎬 Edit videos and podcasts as if they were a text document.

🤖 AI-powered editing to speed up editing tasks, correct speech errors, and utilize AI voices.

🎙️ Overdub Voice Cloning to clone your voice with AI-generated audio.

🎧 AI Voices to easily create a realistic voice clone or pick from our stock AI voices.

📝 Text-to-video technology with high-quality AI avatar presenters, offering over 100 languages, voices, and accents.

🌎 Localized content for engaging multilingual audiences.

🎨 Customized virtual human avatars for your brand.

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