Energetic AI

Energetic AI

What is Energetic AI ?

EnergeticAI is an AI tool that helps you build AI-powered apps for Node.js without writing any code. You can use pre-trained models from TensorFlow.js or create your own models with EnergeticAI. EnergeticAI also optimizes your apps for serverless environments, making them faster and smaller.

Features :

1 . 🚀 Incorporate open-source AI models into your Node.js applications

2 . 🎨 Simplify the deployment process with npm install

3 . 💻 Optimize TensorFlow.js functionality for serverless environments

4 . 🌐 Enjoy fast cold-start times and a small bundle size

5 . 🐙 Access a wide range of pre-trained models for common use cases

6 . 🕒 Save time and money on AI development and deployment

7 . 📝 Ensure data privacy and security throughout AI processing

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