GhostCut Ai

GhostCut Ai

GhostCut AI, the video editing wizard that’s transforming the way we create and share content. GhostCut AI is not just a tool, it’s your personal video editing assistant that uses artificial intelligence to automate tedious tasks.GhostCut AI is a master of translation, capable of converting subtitles and transcripts into multiple languages. It’s like having a polyglot in your pocket, ready to help you reach a global audience.

Features :

1 . 📖 Script Generator: AI-powered script generator to create video scripts from scratch.

2 . 🎥 Teleprompter: Built-in, online teleprompter for perfect performance.

3 . 🌍 Global Reach: Makes your videos accessible and engaging worldwide.

4 . ☁️ Cloud Storage: Securely save and edit your content in the cloud.

5 . 🎵 Music Editing: Comes with music editing capabilities.

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