GlassDoor Ai

GlassDoor Ai

What is Glassdoor AI ?

Glassdoor AI, known as Review Intelligence is a powerful sentiment analysis tool that allows employers to unlock insights from employee reviews and understand the “why” behind their ratings. It surfaces valuable patterns in feedback so employers can better inform their employer brand strategy.

Features :

1 . ✍️ Essay Writer and Assistant: Designed to help you create high-quality essays.

2 . 🎯 AI Resume Parser: Analyzes resumes to extract relevant information.

3 . 🔄 AI Candidate Matching: Matches candidates to suitable job openings.

4 . 📋 Job Description Generator: Creates detailed job descriptions based on input data.

5 . 📞 AI-Enabled Notes, Call Logs, and Transcripts: Keeps track of communication with candidates.

6 . 📧 Email Template Generator and Sequencing: Helps in creating and scheduling emails.

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