Jeda Ai

jeda Ai is an all-in-one AI visual workspace that uses generative AI to help users visualize, analyze, and dominate their business. It offers a range of features such as Generative AI, Neural Search, AI Voice Assistant, ChatGPT, LLaMA, Cloud GPUs, AdaDelta, AdaBoost, Plugins, AI Content Marketing Tools, AI Copywriting Tools, AI Graphic Design Tools, AI SEO Tools, AI Social Media Tools, and more.

Features :

1 . 🤖 All-in-one AI workspace canvas that helps teams collaborate in real-time.

2 . 🎨 Powerful generative AI whiteboard that can create unique and creative images, infographics, and artwork.

3 . 🌟 AI visual chat that allows you to communicate with your team members using visuals.

4 . 📊 AI data analysis feature that provides powerful insights into your data.

5 . 📝 AI smart template feature that helps you create stunning visual content with ease.

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