What is Kavout ?

Kavout is an AI-powered stock analysis tool that provides insight and predictions for various stocks. It aims to help investors make informed decisions and improve their trading strategies. The platform compiles stock market data and formulates it into usable market intelligence with the help of AI. With Kavout, you can experience the future of trading with its free app and dive into deep analysis effortlessly. 

Features :

1 . 🤖 AI Research Assistant: Uses advanced AI algorithms to uncover hidden gems in the stock market.

2 . 📈 K Score: A predictive equity rating score between 0 and 9, with high K Scores indicating a higher probability of out-performance.

3 . 📊 Quantamental Factors and Equity Anomalies: Uses machine learning to build alpha generating products for buy-side firms.

4 . 🚨 Trading Signals: Provides trading signals based on machine learning and data-driven approaches.

5 . 🎨 Customizable: Adapts to your unique investment style.

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