What is Moosend ? is an AI-powered email marketing automation software that’s like a digital marketing guru for your business. It offers a powerful set of features designed for your e-store, allowing you to sell anything, to anyone, anytime. With Moosend, you can track and manage your contacts with ease, build segments that support targeted marketing campaigns, and send surprisingly timely and relevant newsletters.

Features :

1 . 📅 Calendar Management: Moosend can help businesses manage their marketing calendar.

2 . 📚 Knowledge Base: Moosend has a vast knowledge base that can help businesses with various topics.

3 . 🚀 Boosts Efficiency: Moosend can save businesses time and effort by automating their marketing tasks.

4 . 🎨 Design Tools: Moosend provides a range of design tools that help businesses create visually appealing marketing content.

5 . 📱 Mobile App: Moosend has a mobile app that enables businesses to manage their marketing campaigns on-the-go.

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