What is Opinly.Ai ?

Opinly.AI is a smart tool that serves as a second brain for you and your team. It’s designed to automate competitor analysis, tracking real-time pricing changes to analyzing feature developments, all without requiring any data science skills. It provides insights into a business’s competition in under four minutes, gathering basic information about a company or product, such as its industry, target market, and key features. 

Features :

1 . 🧠 Second Brain: Acts as an extension of your brain, keeping track of your competitors for you.

2 . 🕵️ Competitor Analysis: Automatically analyzes your competitors’ strategies and developments.

3 . ⏱️ Real-Time Tracking: Tracks real-time pricing changes in the market.

4 . 📊 Feature Analysis: Analyzes feature developments of competitors’ products.

5 . 🚀 Quick Insights: Provides insights into a business’s competition in under four minutes.

6 . 🎯 Target Market Identification: Identifies the target market of a company or product.

7 . 🔍 Key Feature Extraction: Extracts key features of a company or product.

8 . 📈 Growth Focus: Allows you to focus on growth while it keeps an eye on the competition.

9 . 🤖 AI-Powered: Uses artificial intelligence to provide accurate and efficient results.

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