What is Orbofi ?

Orbifi is an AI-powered platform that enables users to generate AI-generated images, create AI models, and monetize their creations. It offers a no-code tool for creating AI models and supports various types of content, including 2D, 3D, audio, and more.

Features :

🎨 Generate AI assets for games, media, and web3 using a multi-purpose generative AI platform.

💰 Monetize AI creations by creating and selling AI-generated images and models for crypto.

🚀 Easiest no-code tool to create AI models, expected to reach 1 million users by the end of 2023.

🌐 Supports various types of content, including 2D, 3D, audio, and more.

🌟 Most used and adopted AI engine in the web3 space with over 50k users and 25 million AI-generated assets.

🎮 Empowers users to create and monetize finetuned AI models for games and media.

🖼️ Pushes the boundaries of AI image generation using Transformer models and Diffusion.

📈 Works with big brands and tech companies, including Trller and Danny Trejo.

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