What is Oxolo ?

Oxolo.com AI is a web-based tool that helps you create engaging videos for your products or services from just a URL. You can choose from different templates, music, and transitions, and customize your video with images, emojis, and branding elements. You can also translate your video into various languages and share it on social media platforms. The tool uses GPT-3, a powerful AI model, to generate videos that are optimized for conversion and SEO.

Features :

1 . 🎬 AI-powered video generation from just a product URL

2 . 🎨 Customizable design templates, music, and transitions

3 . 📝 Editable transcript and captions for video content

4 . 🌐 Translation of video into various languages

5 . 📊 Data visualization and comparison of products and services

6 . 📢 News and alerts on market trends and events

7 . 🤖 Voice and text options for AI assistant

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