PDF Pals

PDF Pals

What is PDF Pals ?

Pdfpals.com is a tool that lets you chat with your PDFs like a friend. You can ask questions, get summaries, and edit your PDFs with ease. it uses AI to understand your PDFs and give you smart answers. It works with any type of PDF, and it is fast, secure, and versatile

Features :

📚 You can open and chat with multiple PDFs at the same time, without any file size limitations.

🚀 You can enjoy fast and secure document processing, as the tool is built natively for macOS and uses powerful OCR capabilities.

💬 You can chat with your PDFs in natural language and get instant answers, clarifications, and summaries.

📝 You can edit, annotate, and sign your PDFs with ease, using the built-in PDF editor.

📂 You can organize your PDFs by tags, folders, and favorites, and access them from anywhere with cloud sync.

🔎 You can search for any text, image, or annotation across all your PDFs, and get relevant results in seconds.

🗣️ You can use voice commands to chat with your PDFs, and listen to them read aloud by the tool.

🌐 You can chat with your PDFs in any language that is supported by the tool, and translate them to other languages if needed.

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