What is PPleGPT ?

PPleGPT fitness AI is your digital gym buddy. It plans workouts, suggests nutritious meals, and tracks your progress. Whether you’re into yoga or weightlifting, it’s got you covered. It’s like having a personal trainer in your pocket, helping you achieve your fitness goals one step at a time.

Features :

💪 Fitness Guide: PpleGPT can provide fitness advice and tips.

🍎 Nutrition Advisor: It can suggest healthy eating habits.

🏋️ Workout Planner: It can help plan your workouts based on your goals.

🧘 Yoga Partner: It can guide you through yoga poses and sequences.

📈 Progress Tracker: It can help track your fitness progress.

🚴 Exercise Library: It has a wide range of exercises for you to try.

💤 Rest and Recovery: It can advise on rest days and recovery techniques.

🏃 Running Companion: It can help plan your running routes and schedules.

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