Project Blink

Project Blink

Project Blink by Adobe is an AI-powered video editing tool that’s like a magic project blink uses AI to help you find specific parts in your video – like elephants, cats, where someone is laughing, or all the questions people asked . with project blink  you can cut, paste, and delete text from video transcripts to edit the actual video.

Features :

1 . 🎯 AI-generated Search: Find specific parts in your video like a cat, a laugh, or a question, as easily as finding a needle in a haystack! 🐱🔍

2 . ✂️ Text-like Video Editing: Cut, paste, and delete parts of your video just like editing a text document. It’s as simple as ABC! 📝🎥

3 . 📑 Smooth Transcripts: Get AI-powered transcripts that show who said what. It’s like having a personal stenographer! 🗣️📖

4 . ⭐ Key Moments Extraction: Pull out impactful quotes or funny jokes from your video. It’s like mining for gold! 🎬💫

5 . 🚫 Distraction Removal: Say goodbye to awkward pauses and filler sounds like “um” and “ah”. It’s like having a magic eraser! 🧹✨

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