Resume Check

Resume Check

What Is Resume Check ?

 Resume AI is there to help you dress for success. But instead of clothes, it’s helping you style your resume. It uses AI to analyze your resume, checking for any fashion faux pas – I mean, errors, inconsistencies, or areas that could use a little more polish. It then provides feedback, helping you tailor your resume to perfection. 

Features :

1 . 🔄 Real-time Feedback: Provides real-time feedback as you make changes.

2 . 📊 Scoring System: Scores your resume based on different criteria.

3 . 📝 Writing Assistance: Offers writing assistance for different sections of your resume.

4 . 📈 Impactful Phrases: Suggests impactful phrases to showcase your achievements.

5 . 🤝 Peer Comparison: Compares your resume with those of peers in your industry.

6 . 💼 Job Description Matching: Matches your resume with specific job descriptions to ensure relevancy.

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