What is Robolink ? is a platform that provides robotics kits for students to explore the fields of engineering, coding, and STEM. It offers a variety of kits that can be coded in Blockly, Python, and Arduino. The platform aims to empower educators and classrooms around the world with tools to help students explore the wonders of coding, engineering, and innovation through robotics.

Features :

1 . 🤖 AI App: Offers a user-friendly app to interact with the AI.

2 . 🎓 STEM Learning: Provides STEM and coding education with robotics kits.

3 . 🚁 Drone Programming: Offers programmable drones for learning and competitions.

4 . 🏫 Classroom Sets: Provides sets of robotics kits for classroom use.

5 . 🏁 Aerial Drone Competition: Organizes drone competitions for students.

6 . 📚 Blockly Editor: Offers a visual programming language for beginners.

7 . 🐍 Python Editor: Provides a Python editor for more advanced programming.

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