What is Scenario ? is a game-changer in the realm of game development. It’s an AI-powered tool that transforms your creative ideas into game assets with ease. Imagine having a magic wand that brings your gaming concepts to life, that’s for you. It accelerates asset ideation, allows for rapid visual iterations, and engages early testers effectively. With the ability to train your own models and build unlimited custom AI generators, is not just a tool, it’s your creative partner in game creation.

Features :

1 . AI Superpowers 🦸: Scenario allows you to train and deploy custom-trained models, making your studio’s workflow more efficient.

2 . Shatter Development Time ⏰: With Scenario, you can generate game assets in seconds, saving precious time.

3 . Streamline Every Workflow 🌊: Scenario helps to cut down hours, days, and weeks from every workflow across your entire studio.

4 . Cross-Platform AI 🌐: Scenario’s AI can be easily integrated across platforms, empowering player-generated content in your games with consistency and control.

5 . Stop Experimenting, Start Building 🏗️: Scenario allows you to build unlimited, custom AI models that perfectly align with the art direction of your titles.

6 . Full Control 🎛️: With advanced features like Composition Control or Pixel-Perfect Inpainting, Scenario equips you with all the tools to adjust outputs.

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