What is SongR ? is an amazing app that helps you write your own songs with the help of AI. It lets you enter lyrics and then generates music to match them in any genre you want. 🎶

Features :

1 . 🎹 Edit and customize: You can edit and customize your songs by changing the tempo, key, instruments, and more.

2 . 🎵 Learn from the best: You can get inspiration and feedback from famous artists and songwriters who use

3 . 🎧 Share and collaborate: You can share your songs with your friends and fans, and collaborate with other users.

4 . 🎤 Sing along: You can sing your lyrics and will transcribe them and create music for you.

5 . 🎼 Export and publish: You can export your songs as MP3 or MIDI files, and publish them on streaming platforms or social media.

6 . 🎸 Play with instruments: You can play with different instruments and sounds, and record your own melodies and beats.

7 . 🎙️ Record your voice: You can record your voice and add effects and filters to make it sound professional.

8 . 🎚️ Mix and master: You can mix and master your songs with advanced tools and AI assistance.

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