What is SplitSong ?

Splitsong.com is a website that lets you split any song into different instrument tracks using artificial intelligence. You can upload your own song or choose from a YouTube link, and the AI will separate the drums, bass, vocals, and other instruments for you. You can then download the tracks or use the online mixer to create your own mix.

Features :

1 . 🎤 Sing or play along with the backing tracks, and mute the parts you want to fill in yourself

2 . 🎶 Remix the song by adding or removing tracks, or creating new arrangements

3 . 🎹 Change the key of the song to match your vocal range or instrument tuning

4 . 🎸 Slow down or speed up the tempo of the song to practice difficult passages or challenge yourself

5 . 🎧 Hear every detail of your favorite songs by isolating specific instruments or vocals

6 . 🎚️ Adjust the volume and pan of each track to create the perfect balance

7 . 🎛️ Add effects like reverb, delay, and distortion to enhance the sound of each track

8 . 🎵 Export your mix as a single file or as separate tracks for further editing

9 . 🎼 Share your mix with your friends or the splitsong.com community

10 . 🎙️ Discover new songs and genres by exploring the samples and mixes created by other users

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