What is Stablecog ?

Stablecog is a free, multilingual, and open-source AI tool that generates images using Stable Diffusion and Kandinsky. It is a platform that allows users to create and share AI-generated images in various languages. The tool is based on Stable Diffusion, a popular AI model, and Kandinsky, a color palette generator. 

Features :

🎨 AI-powered art creation with Stable Diffusion and Kandinsky for stunning visuals

🌍 Multilingual support for a global user base

📚 Endless possibilities with a vast library of emojis for unique digital expressions1.

🌟 User-friendly interface for artists of all skill levels

💻 Open-source and available in multiple languages

🎨 Generates art from text descriptions

📈 Scalable image and text generation for developers

📊 Analyzed and labeled data for diverse industries

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