What is Tidepool ?

Tidepool.so is a revolutionary product analytics platform designed for AI text interfaces. It uses the power of AI to find patterns in user text interactions, helping you make better product decisions. With Tidepool.so, you can discover how users actually use your product without manually digging through interaction events. It uses neural network embeddings to automatically group your data by similarity and summarize common attributes in your data.

Features :

1 . 🧠 AI-Based Text Interface: Interacts with software using natural text conversations.

2 . 🕵️ Pattern Discovery: Analyzes user interactions and finds patterns to help make better product decisions.

3 . 📊 Product Analytics: Provides analytics for AI text interfaces.

4 . 🚀 Quick Insights: Gains insights quickly to optimize existing products or craft new ones.

5 . 🎯 User Behavior Analysis: Uncovers user behavior patterns that would have been difficult to find otherwise.

6 . 🔍 Automated Insights: Uses embeddings to cluster together similar text and surface important attributes in the data, all with minimal human intervention.

7 . 📈 Trend Tracking: Automatically categorizes new user interactions according to the attributes you define. Tracks trends in user activity and uncovers shifting behavior over time.

8 . 🤖 No Code Required: No need to write SQL or code to find what you want.

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