Tiny Einstein

What is TinyAlbert.AI ?

TinyAlbert.AI is like a digital magician for your Shopify store. It’s an AI marketing manager that works tirelessly, helping your store grow faster with almost zero time investment. Imagine a world where abandoned carts recover themselves, new subscribers receive a warm welcome, and customers are thanked automatically. Now, add in captivating weekly newsletters crafted by the power of GPT-4, all set up once and left to work its magic. That’s TinyAlbert.AI for you – a game-changer in the realm of e-commerce.

Features :

1 . Welcome Emails 💌: Sends welcome emails to new subscribers.

2 . AI-generated  🤖: Uses GPT-4 AI to power email marketing.

3 . Automated Marketing 🚀: Helps grow your store faster with almost zero time investment.

4 . Abandoned Cart Recovery 🛒: Recovers abandoned carts with automated emails.

5 . Thank You Emails 🙏: Expresses gratitude to new customers with automated emails.

6 . Weekly Newsletters 📰: Automatically creates and schedules weekly newsletters.

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