Type Studio

Type Studio

What is Type Studio ?

Streamlabs Podcast Editor is a web-based tool that allows you to edit your video or audio content by editing the transcribed text. You can easily convert your video into text, add subtitles, images, and branding elements, and export your content in various formats. You can also translate your video into different languages and share it via email or social media. I have used Streamlabs Podcast Editor to create short clips from my podcasts and interviews, and I found it very convenient and efficient. 

Features :

1 . 📝 Fast and accurate transcription of video or audio content

2 . ✂️ Text-based editing of video or audio by deleting, inserting, or modifying the transcript

3 . 🎙️ Easy recording with Streamlabs Talk Studio

4 . 🎨 Customization of video with images, emojis, shapes, and branding elements

5 . 🌐 Translation of video into 30+ languages

6 . 📄 Export of video and transcript in various formats such as .srt, .vtt, or .txt

7 . 📧 Sharing of video and transcript via email with a simple link

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