What is Valueprop ? is an AI-generated tool that helps businesses design and optimize their value propositions. It uses artificial intelligence to understand customer needs, behaviors, and pain points, and generates a value proposition canvas based on the company’s description.

Features :

1 . 🎙️ Live UX Sessions: Conduct live interviews from right within by inviting your participants to join your sessions directly with unique participant-specific URLs.

2 . 📝 Automatically Transcribe Audio and Video Files: Streamline research sessions with built-in transcriptions and speech recognition.

3 . 📊 Data Preparation: Prepare your raw data for analysis with the built-in spreadsheet editor.

4 . 📊 Instant Value Proposition Generation: Quickly generates value proposition canvases based on the company’s description.

5 . 🏷️ Flexible Taxonomy: Create project-specific or standardized taxonomy across projects with bulk tag and tag groups creation.

6 . 🎤 Upload Audio and Video Interviews: Collect interviews conducted on other devices or platforms as recordings in

7 . 📂 Segment Tags: Easily separate your research data into different categories to view information specific to each one by applying segment tags to your data.

8 . 🏷️ Edit Tags in Bulk: Highlight and tag your observations to easily hone in on critical information.

9 . 🌍 Global Tags: Standardize tag taxonomy and tags usage across projects with global tags.

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