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What is Vidby ?

Vidby is an AI-powered video translation and dubbing tool that offers fast and accurate translations in over 75 languages. It simplifies the process of adding subtitles, dubbing, and translations to videos.

Features :

🎥 Automated video translation and dubbing in over 75 languages.

🌐 Supports multiple languages for global reach, including English, Spanish, French, Hindi, Italian, German, Polish, and Portuguese.

🎤 Enhances viewer experience with high-quality dubbing using state-of-the-art synthetic voices.

📈 Streamlines the entire localization process through automated transcription, translation, and dubbing.

📱 User-friendly interface for easy integration into various applications.

📊 Offers real-time analytics and insights to enhance user experience.

💬 Interactive and context-aware AI that provides nuanced responses and natural conversation.

📈 Generates plagiarism-free content using advanced artificial intelligence algorithms.

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