Wave Video

Wave Video

Wave.video, you can generate professional videos in just a few minutes. you can choose from over 150 ethnically diverse stock AI avatars that act as presenters in your video and narrate your script. no actors or cameras needed the tool also offers video hosting services that allow users to securely store and share their videos, as well as track video analytics.

Features :

1 . 🎯 Punchline Score: Attention span is key, therefore Wave Video’s AI detects the most compelling punchlines within the video, making sure it starts with a killer one.

2 . 📝 Text-Based Editing: You can select any parts of the transcript and generate new clips. You can also trim parts, remove fillers (uhm, ehh, etc).

3 . 🌐 AI Feedback Loop: Your highlight recommendations get better and better! Wave Video’s AI retrieves the clips that performed well with your audience, and recommends highlights that look like them.

4 . 🎬 AI-generated Video Creation: Wave Video uses advanced AI to analyze your videos and automatically generate short clips that capture the most engaging and relevant moments.

5 . 🚀 Fast and Easy: No more wasting time on manual editing and reading transcripts. Focus on what matters: your content.

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