WebWave AI

WebWave AI

What is WebWave AI ?

WebWave AI an AI tool that helps you create stunning websites in minutes. You can describe your vision, choose a template, or upload a UI design, and the tool will generate a website that matches your needs. You can also customize every aspect of your website with drag and drop, and enjoy features like AI writer, SEO optimization, online store.

Features :

1 . 🎨 Customize every aspect of your website with drag and drop

2 . 💻 Get full code ownership, hosting, and domain management

3 . 🚀 Generate a website from a description or UI in minutes

4 . 🌐 Publish your website with one click and secure infrastructure

5 . 🐙 Integrate with GitHub and deploy code directly

6. 🕒 Save time and money on web design and development

7 . 📝 Get high-quality codebase with documentation and tests

8 . 🌗 Switch between dark and light modes

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