Wonder chat

Wonderchat is a smart chatbot platform that lets you create an AI chatbot from a single url, without any coding or design skills 🤖. You can integrate it with your website, app, or social media platform, and provide instant customer support 24/7 💬

Features :

1 , It can learn from your existing content, such as FAQs, blogs, or videos, and answer common questions automatically 🧠

2. It can handle complex queries, such as booking, payment, or feedback, using natural language processing and smart forms 🗣️

3. It can personalize the chat experience for each user, using their name, location, or preferences 😊

4. It can analyze the chat data and provide insights on user behavior, satisfaction, and conversion 📊

5. It can improve over time, using your feedback and suggestions, and optimize the chatbot performance 🚀

6. It can respect your privacy and security and keep your data well-protected 🛡️

7. It can support up to 1500 users for free in a virtual space where multiple groups can form, video chat, and you can jump between them 🎥

8. It can create a Wonder room for you in minutes, using a simple and intuitive interface 🎨

For More Information Visit Techweb planet


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