Buildspace AI Trip Planner

Buildspace AI Trip Planner

What is Buildspace AI Trip Planner ?

AI Trip Planner by Buildspace is a free and customizable travel itinerary app that uses AI to create personalized itineraries, including the best activities, dining options, and real-time weather forecasts. It consolidates hotel and flight details, manages bookings, and imports tips and guides.

Features :

🌍 Plan your dream trip with global travel recommendations

📅 Customize your itinerary with ease

🛏️ Find the perfect accommodation for your stay

🍽️ Discover delicious restaurants for every meal

🚗 Choose the best transportation options

📱 Access your trip details on the go

💬 Get help from in-app chat support

📸 Explore destinations through a photo gallery

🌤️ Stay updated with weather forecasts

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