What is Lume ?

Lume AI is an innovative AI tool that revolutionizes data mappings with the power of AI. It enables the creation and management of data pipelines 10 times faster, saving valuable time and effort. The platform offers AI-powered data mapping, seamless integration with systems, and the ability to review, edit, and deploy data mappings in seconds. Lume AI is SOC2 Type-1 Certified, ensuring enhanced security for its users.

Features :

🤖 AI-powered data mapping for faster data pipelines

📊 Predictive analytics for performance improvement

📝 Detailed analysis of business metrics and customer behavior

🌐 Multilingual support for global accessibility

🧑‍💼 User-friendly interface for easy use

📈 Continuously updated with new features and improvements

📚 Offers personalized training and certifications for users

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