What is Tulsk.io ?

Tulsk.io is an AI-powered project management tool that acts as your digital wizard, combining tasks, job postings, and events into a harmonious workspace. It predicts obstacles, optimizes processes, and boosts productivity, serving as your ultimate digital command center and personalized project oasis.

Features :

πŸ€– AI-powered project management tool

πŸ“ Create custom templates for tasks, job postings, and events

πŸ€” Predict obstacles and optimize processes

πŸš€ Boost productivity with AI-driven project management

πŸ’¬ ChatPM for real-time assistance with tasks, assignment, and conflict resolution

πŸ“ AI-powered task generation to never overlook crucial details

🧩 Modular AI agents for email management, content creation, summarization, legal document navigation, project planning, and coding

🌟 Embeddable spaces to tailor your workspace to specific project requirements

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